ABOUT- This Biz Hub & IABOUT- This Biz Hub & I

Hi, I am John Lin from Taiwan. Now, I live in Los Angeles, California. I started my online entrepreneurship to have more time with my family and build a family legacy of wealth for the next generation.

I know the success rate of achieving the lifestyle I desired with a traditional 9-5 JOB is nearly impossible. So I seek opportunities to gain financial, location, and time freedom. Luckily, I stumbled into the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass I recommend here on this business hub.

In this Journey, the real game changer was I signup and joined the affiliate marketing academy; I took the Success Challenge in the Masterclass and followed a path unlike any other courses I had attended. I am building a real business this time, not just promoting some affiliate link with a two-page sales funnel.

If I can comprehend this online business hub from a startup step by step, I believe everybody can do the same! I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I still want to ask... "What Is Your WHY"? And, Let's find out, "Why Do You Want To Achieve What You Want To Achieve?"

It's the momentum, the jet fuel of moving forward engine; We need to identify it before everything starts getting more serious.

Growing Awareness Of Wanting Financially Independent Future

No Matter What!

Growing Awareness Of Wanting Financially Independent Future

No Matter What!

A little story about my experience, When I was 19, I saw my dad lose his life savings to an investment in setting up a production factory in China. All investment was gone in a couple of years, and the project became a bottomless pit. It seemed to keep the business going; My dad and his partners needed to pour in more money to keep it operational. Long story short, my dad's business ventures in the 90s weren't very successful. And It took us a while to get out of that bad situation.

Although it's been a long time already, I still remember what a life crisis felt like when bills started to pile up, and we couldn't keep up with the payments— what a horrifying experience. Therefore, I always look for different side hassles or money-making opportunities, no matter my job. Eventually, I want to be financially independent and create my economy. Even though I don't know how but I am willing to learn.

I've followed different YouTubers' recommendations, joined various courses, tried many programs, and made small commissions. But I want consistent income; none of them worked for me. Even though I was failing, not making any money, I know many people have done it and made money online through affiliate marketing; I never lose faith I can too. If I lack skills or knowledge, I can change it by finding successful guidance or a qualified mentor and then go full out.

No matter how often I've failed to get the desired result or stumbled into some online scam, I never give up; because I am not doing the push-ups only for myself. Mostly, I am doing it for my family and my future self. I am doing it to set an example for fellow entrepreneurs who want to walk the same path "Everyone can win in affiliate marketing and be more."

I enjoy being a helpful person, and I'd love to share what I've learned and know. But, English is my 3rd language, and I'm sure I still need improvement by "a lot" to sound more fluently. So please bear with me when you watch my video clips.


Finally, The BreakthroughFinally, The Breakthrough

A qualified mentor is crucial to winning many things in life; building a successful business is one. Thank goodness, Not giving up has helped me find the proper guidance, and things started to click! I discovered FourPercent and found my online mentor- Vick. After that, every action I took was one step closer to my goal.

This successful online business model (blueprints) in Vick's teaching has already made him tens of millions of dollars in the past 16-17yrs. No doubt I should pay attention to what he's saying. Right?!

I remember the first time I heard this idea from Vick; he said: Don't just be "another" affiliate marketer like anyone else out of this webinar. They're focused on creating a 2-pages funnel that promotes one affiliate link; everything is one-time transactional. It would be best if you had a Hub on the internet to be resilient, resourceful, and authentic. The key is, Be the "GO-TO-GUY" for the products or services you are promoting/selling.

That's when I realized I'd followed a broken business model for a long time, and I didn't know. The "approach," or "Intention," of most affiliate marketing gurus' teaching is to make money, not to serve people. I was going nowhere because so many others were doing the same thing. Build a list and kill the list.

If I focus on the opposite, If I focus on serving people with the products or services I am confident with, I am already good at it because I am already the product's product. Visitors will trust the channel, and I will be the "GO-TO-GUY" people trust to buy from. That is something worth building brick by brick.

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Life looks much more promisingLife looks much more promising

By following the proper guidance, I've learned to set up business hubs myself and utilize essential tools, like

"E-stage"- it's a website builder, + more features are getting built as technology improves daily.

"Webinar Fuel"- A Webinar host platform + more customized features used by top affiliate income producers in the industry.

"Mail list marketing"- Autoresponder for the emails.

"Internet traffic getting platforms"- services and tactics.

I have been through many trials and errors, so I understand that starting an online business is not a race but a path of personal growth in entrepreneurship and the courage to take action. The only failure possible is to give up learning or stop implementing.

  If I want to build a solid online business that will care for my family's financial future and last a long time, I "Better NOT" cut corners. I am willing to give my 110% to build and grow a solid, scalable business for generations.

My Vision, My MissionMy Vision, My Mission

I believe everyone can build an Online Business Hub for any topic or niche. With the technology (E-stage), whoever wants to build a successful online business that brings consistent income on automation systems is possible, even for everyday folks like you and me. So many people have done it, and so can I and anyone else.

I've seen an 80+yrs old grandpa getting paid weekly; I've witnessed a 19yrs old teenager build a tremendous Online Business Hub that brings him sales more than a full-time job income.

With the experience of building my Online Business Hub, I now know everyone who desires to create a solid business online can win this time. Don't just take my words for it; check out Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, and you'll understand why I am so confident about it.

My friend, If you read this far? I am sure you belong to this elite community where entrepreneurs inspire each other. If you register for any of the webinars HERE, I am sure you will receive an invitation to join the community.

I genuinely believe you will thrive on deals if you come along— The growth in the mindset, toolsets, skillset, entrepreneurship, and financial— Worth every bit of the Time, Effort, Energy, and Money you invest.

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My Invitation To You!My Invitation To You!

My Friend,

Life is full of expectations and challenges; No matter what curveball life pitch to us, we want to be on the winning side. The world is changing rapidly, so everyone who wants to rise above the ordinaries continuously learns and grows to stay on the top.

Building a business online and working from home has been trending since the pandemic hit the world in 2019, and affiliate marketing is the quickest way to catch the wave and ride with it. Many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses online with affiliate marketing, which evolved into other things like online business consultants, marketing agencies, online coaches, etc.

I want to invite "YOU" to attend This "Affiliate Marketing Free Webclass": You will learn why "NOW," as never before in the history of humankind, Millionaires are being created on a massive scale daily.

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My friend,

I once heard this phrase; it resonates with me on the growth of my entrepreneurship. I want to share it with you. Here it goes.

Although the god deals with the cards in a card game, you are the one who periodizes the cards and makes decisions.

You can't choose the cards in your hand, but You can have your tactic and strategies to win. It's the same in our day-to-day life!

It is so true, so let's accept the challenge and grow something beautiful out of it. Cheers!