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This hub is about self-education, E-Learning, learning from proven ideas, following the path of success, creating our economy, and growing a family's legacy of wealth

Join us together. Let's grow the mindset, toolsets, and skillset that support our entrepreneurship and Finances Allocation to create our economy.

To thrive on deals online, we got a genuinely actionable plan for every one new here.


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The 5 Essentials To Successful Online Business

#1 Entrepreneurial Spirit


Your income is directly proportional to the value you deliver in the marketplace. Learn how to become world-class!

#2 Finances Allocation


Having an effective money management system is essential for any business. Learn how to manage money smart!

#3 Successful Mindset


Develop the mindset of a champion by being in the right environment.

You can re-wire your mind for automatic success! - This is a must!

#4 Business Toolsets


Get and use proper tools for building your business and making money.

Promote what you've used and have significant experience and results.

#5 Marketing Skillsets


Acquire the skillsets of a modern-day entrepreneur in marketing.

The Skillset of online marketing is going to set you free!

🖐 Hi, It is My Pleasure to Connect with you! 🤜🤛


My name is John Lin; I'm the CEO and founder of; I also belong to a group of elite online entrepreneurs called The Fourpercent Group. We are an online community with people from all walks of life and different countries worldwide, but we all share the same goal:

#1. To build a solid business online based on any niche or topic we are passionate about and then create an abundant life to enjoy a Location-Independent Lifestyle.

#2. To generate a family legacy of wealth for our loved ones.

#3. To help others do the same, see the opportunities and possibilities they have here to bring actual lifestyles they desire.

I believe that "Choice outweighs effort," and the world is full of new ideas and possibilities. If anyone of you wants to break that invisible 9-5 chain, I am sure we have something for you.

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